Stand Up Paddle Sunset Tour

SUP while watching the beautiful sunset over the landscape in Majorca


Relax and enjoy this spectacular tour stand up paddle. In a short discover a world of warm feelings, while watching the beautiful sunset, the landscape of northern Majorca. The golden light of the setting sun bathing the sea and the mountains a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. Come impregnarte light and feel a magical and unforgettable moment!.

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  • Tour start time: 18.30h.
  • Activity Length: 3h.
  • Skill level: Easy
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Minimum 4 people on request
  • Price: 65€


  • Requirements: Learn to swim. Bring swimsuit, towel, sunscreen.
  • Tour Includes: Board and Paddle. Certified guide/s. RC and accident insurance. Wetsuit, water.


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